Thursday, May 8, 2014

What is your thing?

This week, at our Over 40 Females event, I was inspired by Jill Belconis story of how she got to where she is (was) by simply assuming the best in the world. Never asking herself "Why me", but instead always "Why not me?" I can't wait to hear what the next chapter in her life unfolds. So excited to see where her passion leads her and what happens next. 

Coincidentally, or serendipitously (I don't think that's a word) I have been reading the book What is your What by Steve Olsher. A great workbook to help you on the journey to discover (and monetize) the one thing you were put on this planet to do. 

I have had a hectic, but amazing month. I started spending a weekend in Austin, TX with friends I've known for over a dozen years. After years of seeing each other once a year at an annual festival, we decided a year is too long to wait to hang out, so we added a 2nd annual vacation. It's the absolute best time! 

Then I spent last weekend with my Seacret family at our spring international convention in Salt Lake City, UT. What an amazing inspirational weekend. 

The cool thing, as I was finalizing plans for my event this week, and working on my Seacret mission, I got so crystal clear on my thing. I'm a community builder. Building our Chicago Over 40 Females community, building our wealthy global Seacret community. My thing is bringing people together, and supporting them to get everything they need, deserve and want out of this great big thing we call life.

What is your thing? 

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