Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Letting Go

Technology is great, when it works, right?

Our Over 40 Females website went through a huge revamp and launched over the past couple of weeks.  

Do you remember ever going through the experience in college or high school when you wrote a paper for a class and somehow didn't save and lost it and had to start over? 

So last week, I was working on the weekly newsletter, and had authored a blog post. It didn't upload correctly to the new site, and then of course, with the microburst on Friday we lost power and my local copy was lost as well. 

As I sat this morning, considering trying to recreate the post I reflected on the weekend we just spent with no power and while it was certainly inconvenient, it was as most things are, also a blessing. 

We fall into routines, don't we? In our households, in our days, in our business and family lives. 

Because we had no power, I spent Friday evening with friends at a restaurant in Arlington Heights listening to a good friend playing guitar and singing.

Because we had no power, my husband joined myself and our 2 dogs at the dog beach downtown Chicago for the first time. 

Because we had no power, we spent the entire day together, actually conversing and doing things together rather than sharing the same space but each doing our own thing.

We had to let go of our routine, our normal and just go with the flow. Similarly, I decided to let go of the lost post and not worry about trying to recreate it.

Isn't that something we can all use in our lives, to let go and go with the flow, be present? As a former software engineer, I certainly like my technology, but unplugging and letting go is really refreshing! 

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