Thursday, October 23, 2014

Honesty, Integrity and Karma

Like most of you, I was brought up with the belief that if you do the right thing, the right things will happen and if you do the wrong thing, the wrong things will happen. 

As business owners and professionals, integrity is a huge part of how we do business. The women that I interact with regularly operate in their business and their personal lives with the highest integrity. 

Sometimes that faith, that belief system is shaken. Sometimes we are faced with a situation where someone being dishonest, and unethical seems to get ahead, maybe even to your detriment. If it happens in a big enough way, or an impactful enough way, it may do more than hurt our feelings, tick us off or leave us frustrated. It may make us wonder about the very thing we do. Is it worth it if the cheaters and the liars get ahead? 

There is a wide spread belief that "what goes around comes around". In social media when you see an injustice, or someone with their "pants on fire" getting ahead, there is a general outcry of "they'll get what's coming to them". I think that belief is the danger. I think Karma is not a bitch and I think while those people who behave in an unethical way are definitely people that I remove from my circle of interaction, they may never suffer a negative consequence whatsoever from their wrong doings. 

So why should we behave in that ethical, honest, full integrity way in the first place? 

Because I believe like attracts like. 

So, those people who are dishonest, who behave and do business in a sleazy way, they will attract other people who behave and do business in a dishonest and sleazy way. 

And I'd like to thank them! 

Because I do not want any of those people any where near me, and sometimes it's not immediately obvious when you are getting to know a person or starting a new business relationship. 

So the next time, you are negatively impacted by a dishonest, unethical, deceitful person, rather than wishing that the experience comes back to bite them in the butt,  thank them. Thank them for removing those influences from your life, your circle and your business. 

Because we know that nature abhors a vacuum and it only makes space for more of the perfect people to be attracted to you in their place. 


  1. This is a great perspective. I was recently stiffed by a very religious woman (self-proclaimed), but I don't know of any religion that says it's OK not to pay your debts. It's not a huge amount and not worth seeing a lawyer about, but it's disappointing all the same that I lived up to the terms of our agreement and she didn't. The good thing is she doesn't live in the area so it won't be hard to avoid interacting with her.

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