Wednesday, October 29, 2014

How did we get here?

Do you ever find yourself looking around and wondering how you got where you  are? Of course, I can't help but hear the Talking Heads as I ask that question (you're welcome if you are too - click the pic).

As an Over 40 Female, my story is long but the journey I see as my journey started about 10 years ago. 

After college, my husband like many people found it tough to get a job in his field. So, he took a job in a warehouse with a solid company. He worked his way up and along the way I was hired by the same company. He worked his way from a menial job in the warehouse to warehouse manager when they closed the facility and made him a project manager. Then the recession hit, and in a company that ran on the automobile industry, cuts came and they kept coming.

The day he was laid off, my manager sent me home as well to deal with the situation since we both worked for the same company. (I suspect they didn't want to take a chance I'd freak out or have a melt down in the office.) It was a bit of a surreal experience. I can best compare it to when someone you know has been sick and in pain for a long time and then they pass away. It's sad, and always some level of shock, but kind of a relief too. 

We sat down and talked about our options and decided that it was his last, best chance to follow his dream of becoming a professional pilot. We'd figure out the rest along the way. He had been so unhappy as a project manager that I would have done anything to make it possible for him to have a job he truly enjoyed.

A short time later, I started my first direct sales position along side my corporate position. There were definitely some tight and scary months, but we made it. My husband got hired as a professional airline pilot. 

We learned SO much through this process. I learned things about myself I never knew, I developed confidence, speaking, training and leadership skills I never would have thought I had, all sorts of things. We learned it is NEVER too late to go after your dreams. My husband was in his 40s when he went through the training and certifications and loss of income of changing careers. But it was SO worth every minute. 

Like building a lot of solo businesses, everything wasn't perfect, and I went through some bumps and bruises and some heartache growing mine. As the struggle grew, I got to work with an amazing coach. Through our journey, I started having an inspiration to create a service based event for women. Those that were my customers, or that may become my customers. An event that would give women some much needed pampering and community and also give exposure and promotion to local businesses. I just couldn't quite figure out how to make it happen. 

With a firm but loving nudge, I started doing research and found Over 40 Females. They were doing what I envisioned but even better! With more benefits than I had considered. We started talking and found a great fit, and Chicago Over 40 Females was born.

About a year ago, I was talking with a dear friend, someone who I consider a mentor as she has achieved significance in her business and financial success as well as the impact she has made on others lives. Someone I truly emulate. 
I made the decision to change companies and leave the team and the business I had built in my first direct sales company behind. 

It has been the best decision of my life. 

Some more cool rebranding and exciting new stuff is coming... stay tuned!


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